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Empowering Parents With Support, Tools and Strategies


Raquel Watkins-Jones

Who is Raquel Watkins-Jones?

Raquel is a proud San Francisco native, an entrepreneur, certified professional coach, and parent coach. 

As a Rockstar parent, advocate, and coach, my commitment is geared towards supporting your life's most remarkable performance.  My passion is rooted in empowering you and other parents with support and strategies to become effective role models and leave a legacy for coming generations to emulate and thread.

My journey began as a teen mom determined not to become a statistic and break a generational cycle. In the early days, my parenting style was trial and error, but I was committed to becoming a good parent and role model.

Along the way, I recognized the unquestionable effect my life choices had on my daughters. I acknowledge that change was imminent! Thus, I embarked on the road to being whole and complete; to forgive, heal, and bless everything, including myself.

Today, my inspiration is my three remarkably resilient daughters—Natasha, Tiffany & Alehxa—who decide to live life on their terms daily. I am also Mama Roc to five precious grandchildren, who bring me abundant joy.

I love my family!!!

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